Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority – at your service

Kai­nuu So­cial Wel­fa­re and Health Ca­re Joint Aut­ho­ri­ty (Kai­nuun so­te) pro­vi­des so­cial wel­fa­re and health ca­re ser­vi­ces. At this si­te you find in­for­ma­tion of  

  • ur­gent health ca­re in Kai­nuu
  • ser­vi­ces of a den­tist (pub­lic health ca­re) in Kai­nuu
  • fa­mi­ly cen­ters (incl. ma­ter­ni­ty and child health cli­nics)
  • client fees.

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In emer­gen­cy si­tua­tion, plea­se use na­tio­nal emer­gen­cy te­lep­ho­ne num­ber 112.
Learn more and check ERC FINLAND pages.
Call the emer­gen­cy num­ber if the­re is an emer­gen­cy th­rea­te­ning your li­fe, health, pro­per­ty or en­vi­ron­ment or you ha­ve rea­son to sus­pect such a th­reat.

  • Call the emer­gen­cy te­lep­ho­ne num­ber in per­son, if you can.
  • Exp­lain what hap­pe­ned.
  • Gi­ve an exact add­ress and mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty.
  • Ans­wer any ques­tions as­ked.
  • Fol­low any gi­ven inst­ruc­tion.
  • Do not ring off un­til gi­ven a per­mis­sion to do so.
  • Di­rect ca­re­gi­vers on­to the si­te.

Kai­nuu is a fo­re­run­ner in Fin­land in terms of in­teg­ra­ting pri­ma­ry health ca­re ser­vi­ces with spe­cia­li­zed me­di­cal ca­re as well as so­cial ser­vi­ces. Kai­nuun so­te is the big­gest emp­lo­yer in the re­gion with about 3 700 emp­lo­yees.
Learn about so­cial and health ca­re in Fin­land:

Kainuu and Kainuun sote offers exellent job opportunities: