Information on COVID-19 (Corona virus) 


Situation in Kainuu (6.10.2021)

- Kainuu region in basic level of epidemic. City of Kajaani is in acceleration phase.

  • Incidence in Kainuu 48,6 (confirmed cases per 100 000 inhabitants) 
  • Positive cases 2 % of all tests

Corona infections is likely to spread especially among the unvaccinated population. The risk of exposition is moderate high in gatherings, public events and parties. Keep safety distance and wear a face mask if close contacts cannot be avoided! 


  • Using face masks, when close contacts cannot be avoided.
  • Travelling in Finland is recommended with safety measures (keeping distance or face masks, obtaining good hand hygiene)
  • Travelling across the Finnish border is not recommended at all. Entering or leaving the country is allowed for Finnish citizens at all times, though. COVID testing at the borders have been taken place.

Highly recommended to get covid vaccination when offered. It is free of charge and gives high protection against severe symptoms as well as infection spreading! Vaccinations are now given to all people at least 16 years of age (and 12 - 15 year olds if in high risk groups).

Situation in Finland (Update information provided by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare)

Further detailed information on travelling / crossing Finnish border (Border Guard Finland)

Information COVID19 Certificate. The EU COVID-19 certificate contains three different certificates: A certificate for being vaccinated against COVID-19, a certificate of a negative test result and a certificate of having recovered from COVID-19.

Covid quarantine and isolation

COVID19 vaccinations

The easiest way to get a covid19 vaccine is go to a PopUp -vaccination point

Kajaani at Prisma shopping centre (open 1.9 – 18.9 on Mon - Fri 11–19 and on Sat 10–14). 


Hy­ryn­sal­mi, Health centre

15.10 klo 12 – 14 

22.10 klo 12 – 14 


8.10. klo 8.30 - 11

13.10 klo 12 – 15.30 

19.10 klo 8.30 – 11 

27.10 klo 12.30 – 15.30 

Pal­ta­mo, Parental clinic

8.10. klo 9-11.30

15.10. klo 13-15

20.10. klo 10-14

29.10. klo 12.30-14

Ris­ti­jär­vi, Parental clinic

5.10. klo 14-16

12.10. klo 14-16

18.10. klo 14-16

25.10. klo 13-15

Sot­ka­mo, Health centre

8.10  klo 8.30 – 15

14.10 klo 12 – 15 

Suo­mus­sal­mi, Parental clinic

7.10 klo 9 – 15

15.10. klo 13-15

19.10.  klo  8-11

21.10. klo 12-15


The COVID19 vaccine protects against the corona disease. By taking the vaccine you protect yourself and other people against the virus. Vaccine is free of charge.


Covid19 vaccination is given in two doses. Get the second dose after 6-8 weeks after the first one. More information in english and other languages.

Vaccines in Kainuu region are given

  • to all residents from 12 years of age

New vaccines for adults (18+) are mRNA-based products by Pfizer-Biontech or Moderna. For under 18 years of age the vaccine product is Pfizer-Biontech's Comirnaty.

If you have questions concerning corona disease or vaccinations, please send e-mail

Third dose

Third dose of covid vaccine is offered for patients suffering of severe lack of immunity (for instance cancer patients with cell-blockers, HIV-patients or organ plants). See more. Third dose is also given to those who had first two doses with 3-4 weeks interval at the beginning of 2021.

In Kainuu the third dose is given in local vaccination points for those who have documented illness/condiotion of aforementioned.  

COVID-19 Certificate

The EU COVID-19 vaccination certificate will be available in My Kanta Pages as from 22 June 2021. The certificate replaces the previous national COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

The test certificate and the certificate of recovery will be available in My Kanta Pages in mid-July.

Certificate consists of three different certificates:

  • a COVID-19 vaccination certificate,
  • a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test result,
  • a certificate of recovery from COVID-19.

The certificate can be used, for example, during border crossings in the EU countries. Before travelling, the passenger must find out which kind of certificate the destination country requires.

Travelling should be carefully concidered due to pandemic. If you decide to travel, always check before travelling the current corona virus and entry restrictions from the authorities of the country of your destination. All persons returning from abroad must take note of the quarantine instructions provided by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.More information available.

Also check the guidelines for border traffic during pandemic.

Further information

COVID-19 information in different languages (THL) 5.8.2021

Translation of organising Covid19 vaccinations in Kainuu is available also in arabian, kurdi, persian, russian

General Information on COVID Vaccination

How to get a covid vaccination! Presentation translated in several languages (arabian, kurdi, somalian, russian)


Ask for vaccinations! - webinar recorded (translated in  english, russian, estonian, sorani, arabian, somalian)

Vaccinations and corona virus Finnish | Swedish | English Russian| Estonian| French| Somali | Spanish | Turkish| Chinese | Persian | Arabic | Sorani| Albania | Thai | Vietnamese | Slovakian


Materials in different languages



How to - Ba­sic CO­VID-in­for­ma­tion in Kai­nuu

Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority (Kainuun sote) is responsible for all health services in Kainuu Region. If you need ur­gent me­di­cal ca­re, please call our

  • Me­di­cal Help­li­ne tel: 116 117 or +358 8 6156 600 (land­li­ne). In an ur­gent or li­fe th­rea­te­ning emer­gen­cy, call the emer­gen­cy num­ber 112 ins­tead.

Get tes­ted in Kai­nuu

1. Wear a face mask

2. Call +358 40 165 0020 to book a test ap­point­ment (this number is only for booking COVID test; not a medical help line)

- if you can't connect you can also try to call 116 117

Test re­sult is in­for­med by text mes­sa­ge (SMS) - plea­se check your mo­bi­le num­ber when boo­king the test! Tes­ting is free of char­ge (in ar­ri­val test or acu­te ill­ness). 

3. Go to accommodation and stay!

- After the test go back to your accommodation, nowhere else. Wear a face mask!

- Wait until you get the result


Instructions for tested persons:

NB! Test result is informed by text message (SMS) - please check your mobile number when booking the test!

Testing is free of charge (in arrival test or acute illness) 

- If you need more information and material on COVID-19 please check our material page






Help us to decline the COVID-19 epidemic!